Brand spanking new. Our new display cases are up and running.

morris room display (blog)Exhibits include Cardinal Wolsey’s Purse. Embroidered leather purse, early 16th century.
The Fairfax Jewel. A relic from the 17th century English Civil War, originally worn round the neck and set within a frame of diamonds, unfortunately no longer here. Enamels painted by P Bodier, gifted by Parliament to General Fairfax on his victory at Naseby.
Recently returned, The Buff Coat. Once belonging to Sir Jacob Astley (1579-1652), 1st Baron Astley of Reading, who served as a Sergeant Major to King Charles I in the Civil War. Made of leather, gold and silver thread and silk.
The peoples Postcode Lottery have enabled conservation work on the Buff Coat, involving specialist cleanng of the leather and the fine silk lining.
Five portrait miniatures. Painted with stunning detail and given as gifts to signal the monarch’s favour.